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Find a matchmaker from Amapa Matchmakers including Santana and nearby cities, Mazagao (14 km), Macapa (14 km), Afua (88 km), Gurupa (160 km), Breves (197 km), Portel (213 km), Porto de Moz (223 km), Almeirim (226 km), Oeiras do Para (262 km), Muana (273 km), Limoeiro do Ajuru (285 km), Senador Jose Porfirio (295 km), Soure (306 km), Cameta (307 km), Abaetetuba (315 km), Prainha (322 km), Igarape Miri (326 km), Barcarena (327 km), Belem (336 km), Moju (336 km), Baiao (337 km), Mocajuba (337 km), Ananindeua (343 km), Vigia (349 km), Benevides (357 km), Sao Caetano de Odivelas (358 km).

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Matchmaking Santana
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Results are based on a radius search of Santana, Amapa with a Santana center lookup of:
Av. Princesa Isabel
3123 - ParaĆ­so
Santana - AP

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Santana Matchmaker

There are approximately 250 registered profiles from Santana. Including surrounding areas of Mazagao, Macapa, Afua, Gurupa, Breves, Portel, Porto de Moz, Almeirim, Oeiras do Para, Muana, Limoeiro do Ajuru, Senador Jose Porfirio, Soure, Cameta, Abaetetuba, Prainha, Igarape Miri, Barcarena, Belem, Moju, Baiao, Mocajuba, Ananindeua, Vigia, Benevides, Sao Caetano de Odivelas, there are over 7,480 members and growing every day.