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Whether you've grown tired of dates that go nowhere or you'd like to settle down, our Toride matchmaking service is a top-notch way of getting introduced to quality singles looking for the same thing.

Find a matchmaker from Ibaraki Matchmakers including Toride and nearby cities, Abiko (5 km), Fujishiro (5 km), Kashiwa (8 km), Moriya (8 km), Ushiku (11 km), Ryugasaki (11 km), Mitsukaido (13 km), Shiroi (13 km), Nagareyama (14 km), Noda (16 km), Yoshikawa (18 km), Tsukuba (19 km), Matsudo (19 km), Ami (19 km), Iwai (20 km), Yashio-shi (21 km), Koshigaya (23 km), Ishige (23 km), Edosaki (24 km), Soka (24 km), Funabashi (24 km), Inashiki (25 km), Sakura (26 km), Kasukabe (27 km), Narita (28 km), Shisui (28 km).

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Matchmaking Toride
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Results are based on a radius search of Toride, Ibaraki with a Toride center lookup of:
〒302 茨城県取手市寺田 取手市役所本庁舎

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Toride Matchmaker

There are approximately 217 registered profiles from Toride. Including surrounding areas of Abiko, Fujishiro, Kashiwa, Moriya, Ushiku, Ryugasaki, Mitsukaido, Shiroi, Nagareyama, Noda, Yoshikawa, Tsukuba, Matsudo, Ami, Iwai, Yashio-shi, Koshigaya, Ishige, Edosaki, Soka, Funabashi, Inashiki, Sakura, Kasukabe, Narita, Shisui, there are over 10,246 members and growing every day.